Studio Policies

In-person lessons in Colorado Springs have returned!

Online lessons are still available indefinitely.

Studio Policies

Megan Pfeiffer Miller Music Studio uses a tuition system.

What is that?

Tuition makes budgeting and planning easier for all. Tuition also saves worry about cancelled and rescheduled lessons, as these are built into the system. The student enrolls for 12 months, with a set number of lessons scheduled regularly when the studio is open during that time.

Lessons are scheduled for the 42 weeks each year that the studio is open, or 21 lessons for biweekly tuition. While you are paying for 37 lessons (or 18 for biweekly), you can take lessons every one of those open weeks. The extra weeks are a bonus to you, as a thank you for your extended commitment to your progress. If one of us has to cancel, there is no need for rescheduling or make-ups. Bonus weeks are for both teacher and student. Your teacher tries not to use any, but illness or emergency can happen, which is why that buffer is great to have. If you have used your 37 lessons and there are still weeks left in the term, that’s all bonus time for you!

To get started,

schedule an initial fit lesson at:

You may contact the studio at any time by e-mail or by text between 8am & 8pm with questions. The studio tries to respond within 24 hours on business days.

The Megan Pfeiffer Miller Voice Studio will be closed on the following dates:

  •      Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 21-25
  •      Christmas Break: Dec. 19, 2022 – Jan. 6, 2023
  •      Spring Break: March 27-31, 2023

Your tuition includes:

Pull out your guitar, cello, keyboard or karaoke track and share what you are working on in a supportive community. Your teacher may even perform too! The day and time may vary from month to month, depending on what works for your schedules. Let us know!

This app lets us send short videos back and forth. So, when that weird thing happens in a practice session, you can send it on over for your teacher to hear, and they can respond back when they have time in the following 24-48 business hours. This is great for questions. For when you finally master that high note perfectly and have to share. Or when you want to share what you sound like singing with your band and get feedback.

Think of this as private Pinterest. Each Padlet is a personalized bulletin board that the studio can share with you. The studio will make a general Studio Padlet, and your teacher can make a Personalized Padlet for each of you. Your teacher will post helpful links, backing tracks, and files there for you to access. And you can add things to your personal Padlet too. It helps us keep all of this voice learning in one place to find things faster, like that darn karaoke track! The studio will also start topical Padlets – like breathing, voice science, performance anxiety, and other topics you might want to learn more about. You will have access to all of these Padlets while you are a tuition member of the studio.

A regular lesson time that’s “yours”

Time spent lesson planning

Teacher’s education

Teacher’s experience

Teacher’s knowledge of languages and vocal science

Professional memberships, such as NATS and SECO, that give your teacher access to resources and education that help give you more

Teacher’s continuing education, such as workshops and conventions that build teaching skills

Studio maintenance, such as piano tuning

Responding to your e-mails, texts, etc.

Troubleshooting technology for you

Researching new music for you

Finding good backing tracks in the right keys for you

Open mic nights

And more

Your teacher is not just working for you during your lesson!


Cancellation due to inclement weather is at the discretion of the studio, but is now rare with the option of online lessons. The studio usually follows Colorado Springs D11’s closures and moves lessons online for that day.

Lessons may be canceled by the student until 48 hours in advance.  Text messages are the fastest way to reach the studio, or you may cancel directly on Fons. In the event of a mild cold, lessons  can switch online with Zoom to avoid sharing germs, but continue your progress. Lessons canceled with 48-hour notice can be rescheduled into any free time on the studio’s Fons calendar. If you fail to attend a lesson without giving notice it will count as one of your lessons.

Remember that your cancelled lesson can give another student that extra lesson time they needed for audition prep, so DO let the studio know in a timely manner and pay it forward for when you need that extra time.

Even when you are sick, your tuition is still working for you. If you must cancel a lesson with less than 48 hours’ notice due to illness or unavoidable schedule conflict, you are welcome to take advantage of one of the following options:

1) You may take a Non-Singing Lesson on Zoom during your regular lesson time.

Instead of singing, your lesson time can be used to:

work on music theory, languages, dramatic presentation, and character development;

plan repertoire; review performances by you or other singers;

or pursue other strategic planning.


2) You may request an Asynchronous Lesson, which could include one of the following:

You can request a personalized video or audio practice recording.

You can request research and preparation of a listening list of repertoire options.

You can request review and feedback on recordings of you practicing or performing.



List your lesson time as a conflict when auditioning! Continuing voice lessons helps you support the production by keeping you on top of your game.

Discontinuing Lessons

Your lesson time is reserved for you for 12 months.  If you decide that you are unable to continue lessons, you must give at least 3 weeks notice.  There are no refunds or credits for lessons missed or cancelled.

An excessive number of missed lessons implies a lack of commitment and may result in being dismissed from the studio at the teacher’s discretion.

Short-term Goal? Busy Schedule?

Try these:

Starter Package

Not sure about tuition yet? Just wanting to get ready for that audition? Try this 6-lesson package. At the end of 6 lessons, if you can’t wait to learn more, you can pick out your tuition package, or say this was an interesting adventure and we go our separate ways.

Six 45-min lessons = $330

À La Carte Lessons

Individual lessons are available as the studio schedule allows. À la carte lessons are not eligible for refund or rescheduling. Sessions are paid at time of booking to secure your spot in the studio’s schedule. If you are unable to attend your lesson as scheduled, you may request one of the Asynchronous Lesson options listed here.  Your choice of option will be prepared during your reserved time. 

30-minute lesson = $50

45-minute lesson = $65

60-minute lesson = $80

What happens if I refer students to you?

Clients who refer new tuition students receive a free lesson, which may be used on an existing appointment or for an extra meeting. Simply have your referred friend mention your name!