Voice Lessons

All Lessons are Online through Zoom at present!

Stay tuned for updates!

Why voice lessons? You love music. You love to sing. You used to love to sing... Seize the Day!

Why Study Singing with Megan Pfeiffer Miller?

See for yourself!

Testimonials – See what my students have said about me:

“Megan is professional, encouraging, and supportive. In the few months my daughter has been working with her, we have seen a vast improvement in both her understanding of how to use her voice, and in her ability to do so. Megan is a joy to work with, and my daughter always comes home singing and happy.”  – Sharla S.

“Megan has a great approach to teaching voice that has really helped me. Her vocal technique is excellent and easy to learn and apply. I have improved a lot in a short period of time. I’m looking forward to more lessons to come!”  – Jen B.

“Megan very expertly worked through all the difficulties I was having with my voice. She pushed me to do the things I was capable of doing and that dramatically increased my confidence.She gave me techniques I constantly use when singing. She communicates very effectively.”  – Donna M.


Contact me to schedule a no-obligation consultation to get to know me and to see for yourself how I can help you with your goals!

Ready to jump in? Schedule an initial lesson and try me out!


I have slots available on weekdays from 9:00am – noon and 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

I teach 30 minute lessons for beginners and 45 or 60 minute lessons for intermediate and advanced singers.


At my home studio in Central Colorado Springs


on Zoom until further notice

How much?

Initial 45-min Consultation  – $30


Choose your package to join the studio and

Start 12 months of Vocal Growth today!


Novice Level

Apprentice Level

Artist Level

Independent Level

Lesson Length

30-minute lessons weekly 45-minute lessons weekly 60-minute lessons weekly

60-minute lessons


Total Lessons

37 lessons guaranteed, up to 6 bonus lessons 37 lessons guaranteed, up to 6 bonus lessons 37 lessons guaranteed, up to 6 bonus lessons 21 lessons guaranteed, up to 3 bonus lessons

Monthly Installations

129 169 219 129

2 Installations

759 1009 1309 759

1 Payment

1499 1999 2599 1499

Please consult the studio about the possibility of discounts for families, multiple-lesson packages, or need-based scholarship.

Tuition may be paid on one of three schedules:

  1. Payment in full due at start of lessons.
  2. Payment in 2 installments, at start of lessons and 6 months later.
  3. Payment in monthly installments, due on the first of the month

As part of tuition, the studio has added some new perks!

Monthly Online Open Mics

Marco Polo – (https://www.marcopolo.me)

Padlets – (https://padlet.com)

Click here for full tuition details!

Not a studio member yet?


Starter Package

Not sure about tuition yet? Just wanting to get ready for that audition? Try this 6-lesson package. At the end of 6 lessons, if you can’t wait to learn more, you can pick out your tuition package, or say his was an interesting adventure and we go our separate ways.

Six 45-min lessons = $270


À La Carte Lessons

Individual lessons are available at a higher rate as the schedule allows. À la carte lessons are not eligible for refund or rescheduling. Sessions are paid at time of booking to secure your spot in the studio’s schedule. If you are unable to attend your lesson as scheduled, you may request one of the Asynchronous Lesson options listed here.  Your choice of option will be prepared during your reserved time.  À la carte lessons may be purchased and scheduled through Fons through the following scheduling link:


30-minute lesson = $40

45-minute lesson = $50

60-minute lesson = $60